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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Overweight and Back Again; An Everyday Person's Tale

It is a common tale, known by most of the people out there.  A tale of living a sedentary lifestyle.  One in which you are seated for a majority of the day and get little to no exercise.  A lot of jobs are done seated these days and a good majority of the people I know have these jobs.  Even my friend who works retail, even though he stands most of the day, doesn't get a lot of exercise.  Then when we get off work and go home, eat, maybe clean and then sit in front of a TV or a Computer for the rest of the night.

The other side of the coin is an active lifestyle.  One where you rarely stop moving.  My friend Jer is this way.  He rarely stops, eats everything in site, bikes, rock climbs, goes skiing among other things and stays skinny as a stick.  He is home so rarely that I wonder at times why he even bothers to have an apartment.

For those that find a balance somewhere in between a sedentary lifestyle and an active lifestyle, kudos to you.  For a time, I had found a nice balance between the two.  Yet I've still have the same issue over the years that a lot of people have.  I go up and down in my weight and how "in shape" I am.  As I mentioned in my first blog/post, Me vs. The Scale, I haven't seen the weight that I am at now since my early 20's when I first started working full-time (and part-time) and had a kid.  Since then, I have been pretty "in shape", but I have also had time periods where I've went up, and I've went down.  There is always something that gets in the way.  Injuries, work, schedules, lack of a place to workout . . . etc.  Or, let's be honest, sometimes we just get lazy and don't want to.

At times, I really wish that I could find another career.  One where I can make as much money as I do working in Software Development.  Last summer when I was out of work for a few week, I did some landscaping & tree removal for a friend.  It was awesome!  I was quite sore not being accustomed to doing that type of work on a regular basis, but I loved it.  Aside from being outdoors all day I got to create something and I must have lost about 10 lbs of fat while building muscle.

Well, until I find that dream job or my financial situation gets better, it's back to the desk and computer.  Aside from continuing to frequent the gym I plan on starting to ride my bike to work again when it get's warmer (I'm not a cold weather rider!!!).  Jer has been bothering me off and on for a few years to go climbing with him.  One such place he has been trying to convince me to go is Midwest Mountaineering that has free bouldering.  That definitely would fit the budget for an activity to get involved with on a regular basis.

For a while there was a group of us that would go hit the rinks during the winter and play hockey several times each week.  With new family members added here and there for several of my friends that has fell to the wayside.  I could definitely go on my own and see what pick-up games I could find.  Yet with the weather the way it has been so far this winter, I'm none to excited about that option.

One thing that I always try to do that I suggest to others as well is to change up their workout after a while.  Do something different, something interesting.  Otherwise your workout will get stale, you'll plateau and you'll stop going to the gym.

Feel free to share what you do to keep it interesting and change it up.

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