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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pushing yourself just a bit more than before

Every time I go to the gym I step onto the elliptical machine for some "cardio".  Until today it hasn't really been a true cardio workout.  I normally use the "Fat Burner" workout, which asks for a target heart rate.  Which for a guy my age weight is about 130.  I set it for about 138.  Which is a decent enough workout for 20 minutes that gets me sweating.  Yes, I may be overweight, but I am the type of guy who sweats just thinking about exercising.  It really doesn't take much.

While it is a decent workout, it is no where near pushing it.  I don't fall off the machine at the end trying to catch my breath, and I sure don't feel like I've "kicked some butt".

So today that 30 minutes on the elliptical I chose a cardio workout setting and set the target heart rate at 156.  Holy crap is it hard to hit that on an elliptical.  You really have to push it to get to that rate.  I think it would be easier on a bike or a treadmill, but I don't have the patience for the stationary bikes and . . . well. . . I don't run.  So finally after about 12 minutes of pushing and pushing I finally made to to my target heart rate and kept it at or above that for the last 18 minutes of the workout.  Needless to say, I almost did fall off the machine at the end, but I feel a certain sense of accomplishment & success afterwards.

It's like riding a natural high when you push yourself further than you thought you could. Blogarama - The Blog Directory


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