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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Posting Frenzy Subsides

For those that have been following along up to this point you probably noticed that I haven't posted as much as I did the first two weeks.  At the beginning I had more posts that were already written and waiting to be posted, than posts that I had published to the site.  I guess that is just how blogging works.  When you first start you have this overabundance of information & data that you have accumulated and stored over the years.  Hence the daily posts for about two weeks straight.  Now I am just getting into the regular routine of working out, work, life, eat, sleep . . . repeat.

Today there is one change up in the usual routine.  I typically workout in the AM before work on Wednesdays.  Today I will be working out after work with my friend, bro, & roommate John.  He and I were in the same weights class in high school and will be working out together as we did back then.  One will spot the other during their lifts and provide encouragement.  The whole point behind this is to allow yourself to push a little harder than you usually would.  As I have mentioned in The Things That Stick With You the last set of every exercise is done to failure.  Or rather that is the intention, but it is hard to allow yourself to do that when you are worried about dropping the weight on your face . . . or foot . . . or someone else's for that matter.  With a spotter, aside from encouragement, they are there to make sure you use the correct form and to help catch the weight if needed.

I do have one or two more in the process if being written, but between work, working out and life in general I haven't taken the quality time to spend with my keyboard on those posts.

I will definitely try to get those out later this week, but until then you should head on over to my friend Ted Anderson's blog and check out his journey as well.  Ted plays the part of Little John for the Robin Hood show out at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and brings a different approach to the weight loss and getting in shape than I do. It also doesn't hurt that he is funnier than I am.

Until then!

Mmmm . . . Popovers.


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