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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Update; Sticktoitiveness

Well, it is what I hope to have.  I'll be very honest, at this point in the game I am really down on where I am.  The reason why being my knee.  I really want to get into the gym every day, but were I to do so I know that I would burn myself out.  Let alone walk into the gym and walk right back out for lack of anything to do.  This whole knee injury is really getting me down.

The positives are things that I really need to focus on right now.  The first being that sticking to my new way of eating isn't hard for me.  I'm not someone who had a lot of unhealthy eating habits.  I don't drink soda, and I don't buy a lot of processed foods.  Fast food was my one weakness, but I haven't had that in a very long while and haven't had any desire to go get any.

Another positive is that I am sticking to my weights routine.  To be honest, it is all that I really have.  I've found that the Core Synergistics and the Kenpo just did not work with my knee at all.  As for the stretching, my own stretch routine seems to be working better than the Stretch X right now.

The next positive is that I am still seeing progress.  I have no clue what my numbers will be come the end of this four week cycle, but I do know that my pants are looser and I look better in the mirror.  Things may be moving slowly, but they are still moving towards my ultimate goals.  Once I am able to add the cardio aspect of my routine back in, I am certain I will see a much more drastic change.

Week six, despite my feeling down now and again about the slow progress, was great.  The other positive that I didn't mention above is that I am getting much stronger.  The weights I am lifting now have almost doubled since the beginning of working out in some areas.  In other's they have went up by about 50%.  Increased strength means increased muscle mass.  As I have mentioned in past posts, increased muscle mass  equals a higher metabolic rate.

I will make one prediction right now, and pay attention because this is a good thing, not a bad thing (I say this to myself as much as to you the reader).  At the end of this month, I will either A) See no change in my weight despite the clothes being looser or B) I will see an increase in weight due to the gained muscle.

That just means that when I can do cardio, I will burn fat at a much faster rate than before.

Week 7 is already off to a delayed start.  For the past few weeks a cold/flu has been going around and it finally took me down yesterday.  Monday was supposed to be a gym day for me, but due to being sick it will be done today.  Depending on how sore I am, I will either push my next workout day out one day, or I will leave it where it is on Thursday if I am not too sore.

Other than that the week looks to be a decently busy week.  Food was prepared on Sunday, so at least that part of it is done.  We have another egg bake for breakfast, a bean soup with ham for one of the lunches, and a salad topped with fried fish for the second lunch.

See now, just writing this posts has lifted my spirits.


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