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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Update: Week 4 - Food, Knee, and stuff

Catchy title, right?!  This morning I find myself in a bit of a funk about my workout this week.  But first before we jump ahead, lets talk about last week.

All I can say about Week 3 is that it was awesome.  Despite the issue with a treadmill Monday that lead to my left knee issues, I had a great week.  Even with the knee issues I only missed one day of the Couch to 5k program.  Huge jumps in my weight training program occurred thanks to my bro John coming to workout with me and give me that extra push I needed as well as being a spotter.  The bonus is that he is getting a benefit out of it as well.

For many years know I have not touched a barbell.  The reason being an injury and resulting surgery I had on my right shoulder.  After that surgery and ensuing physical therapy, Bench Press and several other exercises left my usual workout routine.  I know use dumbbells for just about every lift that I do.  The dumbbells allow my right shoulder the freedom to follow the rotation in any lift that it needs to.  A barbell forces the joint to rotate one way, resulting in a lot of pain.  The benefit of the dumbbells is that it also strengthens the stabilizing muscles.  Unlike with a barbell each arm has to use more stabilizing muscles in order to steady the dumbbell and lift.  This is the benefit that John is finding in working out with me.  Having focused mostly on machines in the past years, he is a little out a practice with the free weights.

So moving on to Week 4, I am still uncertain as to exactly what I am doing this week for a workout.  This morning found me doing and upper body circuit training on the machines at the gym.  I spend 30 seconds on each machine and completed 3 rounds of that.  I followed that up with about 10 minutes of abs and core exercises.  I followed the P90X video "Ab Ripper X" until my low back decided it had enough.  Then tacked on a few of my exercises from my physical therapy sessions a few years back.

To explain the statement, "until my low back decided it had enough".  During physical therapy to help strengthen my core the physical therapist said that I should press my low back to the floor.  When doing the exercises if I could no longer keep my low back pressed to the floor, then I should stop.  For just about every exercise I do, I tighten my core.  Whether it is an abs/core exercise or whether it is using the elliptical, it doesn't matter.  I tighten my core.

Now, back to what I am going to do for this week.  I think I will keep a similar routine as I did today.  Circuit training is a great way to build endurance as well as build up a sweat.  When I do circuit training I get to the point where my muscles burn, and then push further.  If I have to, I lighten the weight for the exercise and keep on going.  The Ab Ripper X video I will only do on Monday (done), Wednesday, and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday I will attempt doing cardio on the elliptical following the circuit training.  With the knee out of it still, getting to a point where I am sweating is going to be a bit of a challenge.

So after trying several different things with the knee, I am fairly certain that I have bruised it quite thoroughly.  The less I use it, the more it hurts.  If I use it to much, it hurts.  Slight discoloration above the joint.  Ice helps, but only so much.  Yup, pretty sure it's bruised.  Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . what can I say, International Falls is quite a way up there. . .  Long story short I did a very similar thing to my right knee my junior year of high school.  The doctor called it a contusion (fancy term for a bruise).  Except back then it was much more severe.  I not only bruised the entire knee, but tore my lower quad muscle as well.  So based upon all this, I will be doing what I can to keep the knee moving without over doing it.  Some light elliptical on Tuesday and Thursday.  No more than 15 minutes and at a moderate pace.  At work, I have been getting up to walk about once an hour or so.  I'll ice at night and maybe some ibuprofen if needed.  Hopefully what we will have is a recipe for a healthy knee by the end of the week.

So in true "brother from another mother" fashion, I copied my friend Ted and spent Sunday cooking and preparing food for the week.  I have my breakfast, first lunch, and second lunch prepared for the entire week.

Breakfast is an egg bake with ground turkey (seasoned), mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and broccoli.  First lunch is carrots, lentils, black beans, onions, kale, and meat (2 beef, 2 chicken, 1 pork).  Second lunch is a salad (spinach, spring mix, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes & bell peppers) topped with chicken breast.

Dinner will be whatever I end up making.  I have a beef roast, tilapia fillets and chicken yet in the freezer.  For sides; frozen stir fry veggies (3 kinds), frozen broccoli, sweet potatoes and a few other things.  With all of that and some seasonings it is looking to be a delicious week in our house.

Take some time and head on over to Ted's blog and check out what he has going on.  And when I say "brother from another mother", it is more like twins from another mother.  We started out exercise and weight loss journey on the exact days, started a blog (different days, but thought about it at the same times) . . . among many other things.  All without actually talking to each other about any of it . . . it's like having a telepathic stalker.  We're just not sure who the telepathic one is yet.


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