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Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Update: Second Weigh In!

Work is a bit crazy and I am pressed for time so this will most likely be a short and sweet update.

It is still a bit hectic outside of work and with work being busy it just adds on top of it all.  I am really pressing myself to get my workouts in and will continue to do so.

As I mentioned A Birthday Post, I tried out the recumbent again to see if there were any ill affects on the knee. The test was a success . . . meaning that I had no pain or ill affects from working out on the recumbent bike.  This is really exciting as it will give me some light cardio on the days that I don't lift weights.

The plan stays the same for the time being with the only change being that I will do cardio on the recumbent bike on the days that I don't lift.

If you read Weekly Update; Sticktoitiveness you'll recall that I made a prediction for this weigh in.  That prediction being that I would either stay the same weight or gain slightly.  My reasons for the prediction were due to the fact that I could not do any cardio because of my knee as well as focusing on strength training on the upper body.  

Well I was pretty much dead on.  I gained 3lbs going from 259 to 262.  The amazing part is that I still lost inches in the areas that I am focusing on trying to lose.  Here are the "high points":

Stomach:  Lost 1 Inch
Waist:  Lost 1 1/4 inches
Hips:  Lost 3/4 inch
Thighs: Lost 1/4 inch

So how exactly did I go up in weight?  Well to be honest, three lbs isn't much at all.  I could easily loose that in a day due to water intake, food that is still digesting . . . etc.  Yet, here are a couple measurements that affected my weight for sure.

Neck: Increased by 1/4 inch
Chest:  Increased by 1/2 inch
Biceps: Increased by 1/2 inch(left) and 1/4 inch(right)
Forearms:  Increased by 1/4 inch(both)

So there you have it.  One goal I am setting for myself this month is to see that number on the scale go down significantly.  With adding the recumbent in for cardio I should be able to burn some extra fat.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Birthday Post

So I have completely neglected this blog for almost a week now.  I haven't even posted my Weekly Update and it is week 8!!  At the end of this week I am supposed to weigh in and take measurements!  Not to sure how I feel about that just yet.

It all began last Thursday with being sick, which spilled into Friday.  The workout I was supposed to do on Thursday was done on Saturday.  Then I let work, appointments and schedules get in the way.  The workout schedule is supposed to be lift weights, then rest 2 days and hit them gym again.  I had intended to lift weights on Wednesday, but forgot my key fob at home.  So for my birthday present to myself (today) I got my butt out of bed and hit the gym.

The only downside is that I am starting to get to a point with several of my lifts that I will either have to change the format (from dumbbell to barbell) or consistently have a workout partner to spot me.  Which never happens on a consistent basis.  The roommate doesn't like waking up at 5AM for some reason.  Something about being up 5 hours before he has to be at work or something.  The other option for my chest press exercises is to change to a barbell lift and use the safety rack.  I may be trying that the next time I lift to see how it goes.

So after speaking with my doc about a week ago I was given to OK to try out the recumbent bike.  This came with specific instructions that if there was any pain or discomfort to stop immediately.  I did 30 minutes on the bike and everything seemed to be fine.  That was Wednesday morning.  Thursday and Friday I spent most of the day (and night) in bed.  Friday night walking around, my knee was hurting a bit and I am left wondering if it was the bike, or if it was the lack of use for a few day.

So yesterday, because I forgot my key fob, I decided to give the bike another go and see how my knee feels.  If I have the same results as last time, I know it was the bike that caused the pain.  If not, well then I have an option for get some light cardio in on my non-lifting days.  The best part is that my work's "workout" room has two recumbent bikes.  So no need to go all the way to the gym.

The last few weeks is a good example of just how life is in general.  There is no getting around it.  As I talked about in my post Overweight and Back Again; An Everyday Person's Tale, it is just the constant struggle of trying to stay in shape with the type of lifestyle most of us live.  Despite how busy life can get, as long as I stick to my healthy eating and pick up where I left off, I am still making progress and moving forward.

This month is definitely a challenge more than most months to keep a regular schedule.  With a handful of friends who have birthdays this month as well as myself and my fiance, not to mention St. Patrick's Day . . . it's a busy month for eating out, having drinks with friends, and staying out late.  Not very friendly to the early morning workout person.  Five AM comes way to quickly when you go to bed at 11PM or later.

There you have it.  Aside from that, Happy Birthday to me.  This evening will be spent having apps and drinks with some friends at Gasthofs.  . . . German beer is a low calorie beer, right?!


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