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Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Update: Second Weigh In!

Work is a bit crazy and I am pressed for time so this will most likely be a short and sweet update.

It is still a bit hectic outside of work and with work being busy it just adds on top of it all.  I am really pressing myself to get my workouts in and will continue to do so.

As I mentioned A Birthday Post, I tried out the recumbent again to see if there were any ill affects on the knee. The test was a success . . . meaning that I had no pain or ill affects from working out on the recumbent bike.  This is really exciting as it will give me some light cardio on the days that I don't lift weights.

The plan stays the same for the time being with the only change being that I will do cardio on the recumbent bike on the days that I don't lift.

If you read Weekly Update; Sticktoitiveness you'll recall that I made a prediction for this weigh in.  That prediction being that I would either stay the same weight or gain slightly.  My reasons for the prediction were due to the fact that I could not do any cardio because of my knee as well as focusing on strength training on the upper body.  

Well I was pretty much dead on.  I gained 3lbs going from 259 to 262.  The amazing part is that I still lost inches in the areas that I am focusing on trying to lose.  Here are the "high points":

Stomach:  Lost 1 Inch
Waist:  Lost 1 1/4 inches
Hips:  Lost 3/4 inch
Thighs: Lost 1/4 inch

So how exactly did I go up in weight?  Well to be honest, three lbs isn't much at all.  I could easily loose that in a day due to water intake, food that is still digesting . . . etc.  Yet, here are a couple measurements that affected my weight for sure.

Neck: Increased by 1/4 inch
Chest:  Increased by 1/2 inch
Biceps: Increased by 1/2 inch(left) and 1/4 inch(right)
Forearms:  Increased by 1/4 inch(both)

So there you have it.  One goal I am setting for myself this month is to see that number on the scale go down significantly.  With adding the recumbent in for cardio I should be able to burn some extra fat.


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