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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hitting The Reset Button

So . . . it's been a while but I'm still here.  We are coming up on the one year anniversary of my first post and the beginning of this journey of mine to get back in shape and be healthier. 

The road has been quite rocky to say the least.   I've had periods of being in the gym consistently and times where I wasn't so much.  About eleven months after I began (November) I found myself ten pounds down from when I started.  While I had gained some muscle mass, I was no where near where I wanted to be.  Luckily I got the much needed push to get back to it with renewed vigor. 

My wife (Oh yeah . . . I got married since my last post!) and I met with a friend of ours and his wife from out at festival and had coffee.  We talked about a lot of things.  Goals, wants, desires, dedication, accountability, motivation and much more.  Needless to say it motivated me.  Plus, my wife is doing this all with me.  We make appointments on our calendar and hit the gym.  If life gets in the way, we reschedule and make up the workouts.

Needless to say, with the new workouts, a new job (oh yeah . . . got one of those as well), and the holidays, time is in short supply.  I have wanted to restart the  blog to let everyone know where I was at and what I was doing.  This here . . . this is just a short note to let you know that I am still here and still going.  In the weeks to come I will let you know what I (and the wife) have been doing to get back in shape.  The food, the workouts, the motivation and the goals.  All of it. 

So what else . . . moved into a new place.  Was on stage at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the first time (. . . . I know, right!), got married, got a new job, had a awesome Christmas (hope yours was great as well!).  I am looking forward to what the new year will bring.

Until the next post . . . see ya later!


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