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Friday, January 17, 2014

Success In Failure & The Polar Bear Plunge

Success In Failure

In the two years since my very first blog post, Me vs. The Scale, not a lot has changed in terms of the number I see on the scale or the number on the measuring tape.  That in and of itself can be a disappointing fact.  However this past week I learned a very valuable lesson about only paying attention to those numbers.

A few years before I began this blog, an injury to my low back resulted in a herniated disc.  I spent a lot of painful days and nights sleeping on the couch since then.  Every winter since then I have slipped on ice during the winter (sometimes falling, sometimes not) and ended up back on the couch in pain . . . except this year!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about that fact. 

Two nights ago in a rush to get things done so I could get to bed I slipped and fell on our outside steps while taking out the trash.  Aside from some slightly sore muscles in my upper back from landing on the steps and some sore neck muscles from the impact (I fell quite hard), I have no other indications that I fell.  My low back muscles held!!!  All of the planks, plank rows, crunches, situps, bridges . . .etc, they all paid off.

There are other successes as well, when I stop paying attention to the numbers and focus on the positive.  My overall strength has increased in my entire body.  And while losing weight will give me a better idea of my "size", I can tell that I have gained muscle mass.  Which in my opinion is a good thing.  When I look at pictures from just before I gained weight, I see the pictures where I was around the 214 to 217 lbs size and I think that I am too skinny (and the BMI charts say I should be 190 to 195 lbs at 6'2"!!).  Then there are pictures from when I had started lifting again and gained some muscle mass.  I was around the 220 to 225 lbs range, and in my opinion I looked better.

Rock Star with my adoring fan(wife) @about 217lbs.
Doing a little Sword work @ about 225lbs.

The Polar Bear Plunge

Last year the members of the Robin Hood and The Merry Men Show participated in the Minnesota Polar Bear Plunge and it was an amazing experience. Some of the Merry Crew even jumped twice!!!  Ironically enough, I couldn't do the first jump in White Bear Lake due to slipping on the ice and hurting my back.  At the Minneapolis Plunge we volunteered our time, along with a Mermaid, a Belly Dancer, Fandazzi Fire Troupe, and The Cabin Boys, and spend the day entertaining the crowds before taking the plunge.  This year we plan to do it all over again on March 1st at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis!!!

The 2013 Minneapolis Polar Bear Plunge
I know, I know!  You are thinking we are a bit daft for jumping into a freezing cold lake in the middle of a Minnesota winter.  . . . Well you're probably right!  But we have to make up for being able to jump in a nice cold pond at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in the August heat some how!

Final Jump off the Bridge at the 2013 MN Ren Fest

Besides, all the money we raise goes to benefit Special Olympics Minnesota athletes.  It gives these athletes the opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics and it helps them show the world that they are not "handicapped", stupid, or inferior.  It helps these athletes show the world that they are in fact uniquely talented, driven, intelligent human beings with goals and dreams.

So if you can, please make a donation. It doesn't even have to be to me!  Just donate to someone you know.  Or even go to Polar Bear Plunge Website, click the "Find Plunger" link and search for some random person to donate to.  Should you feel compelled to donate, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS:  If you would like to donate through my page, just go HERE and click on the green "SUPPORT ME > Make a Splash" button.


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