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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finding What Works For You & 21 Day Fix Results

So let's start with the "Finding What Works For You" portion of the post.  Body Beast is definitely a change in gears from what I was doing with 21 Day Fix.  21DF is 30 minutes of cardio per day and eating at a deficit.  Body Beast is 4 Days of lifting on a split schedule (Chest & Tris one day, Legs the next . . .etc) with one day of cardio, a rest day, then repeat.  It is also eating at a surplus so that you gain muscle (and probably some fat) and then work your butt off at the end for the "big reveal" at the end after you burned off some excess fat.

One thing to remember is that your body is great at adapting and that it will adapt differently to different stresses.  When you are doing cardio and eating at a deficit, it will start to burn excess fat for energy to make up the difference . . . and therefore help you towards your weight loss goals.  Now shift gears and start lifting weights to gain muscle or strength and things change.  One thing is that your body will work to retain more water (Oh that scary thing called water weight!) in order to help your body heal after you caused all the micro-tears in your muscles to get stronger/bigger.  When you body is inflamed like that, it likes to retain stuff to help in the healing process . . . which means you'll be weighing a bit more at times when you body doing whatever it needs to be doing during your path to a healthier you.

The other aspect to keep in mind is your diet, especially when you are following a set "diet" or meal plan provided with a home workout.  Your body is going to react differently to different foods than my body is.  Getting and staying healthy is a learning process where you have to pay attention to yourself and how it adapts or reacts to things.  Seek out information, advice (professional or otherwise) and always see how your body does in reaction to that advice.  There is no master cookie cutter to getting health that will ever fit everyone.

This of coarse is all in light of me having to change up the diet for Body Beast a little.  I was eating breads and legumes that I normally don't eat very often and it was causing bloating and slow digestion.  To the point of not really being able to finish all of my food during the day.  Eating as many calories as this program has you eating is a lot to try and swallow with having digestive issues slowing up the process.  So I opted to change it to where I am only in-taking one of those per day and using more of the options that agree with me better.  I'll take a few days to see how my body reacts to that and make any adjustments needed.

I also cut out trying to get a meal in before my workout.  I have never been the type in the past to eat or drink (aside from water) before my workouts.  Yet with BeachBody, they usually recommend it (as do some other health professionals).  Again, I decided to listen to my body and do what I feel works best for me.  I wake up at 5AM, put on my workout clothes, grab my gear and walk to 5 blocks to the gym.  Then it's warmup, workout, stretch, shower & grab the bus to work across the street . . . and shove food in my mouth on the way to work.  No more trying to cram something in my belly when I'm not really awake.  I find that I am much more alert, ready and have more energy for my workouts on an empty belly.

It's just what works for me.  Now go find out what works for you.

Now for the 21 Day Fix results!

I started 21 Day Fix the Monday November 30th and finished the program on Sunday, December 20th.  Due to illness, I did miss the final two workouts of the program.  That being said, I had some pretty great results.  As a note, if you haven't been following up to this point, I did modify the workout schedule and did weight lifting three times a week for the first two weeks instead of the Cardio workouts on those day.  Then finished the final week as prescribed in the workout plan (ie: two cardio workouts / day).

Height: 6'2"
Starting Weight:  259 lbs
Starting Body Fat Percentage:  31%
Ending Weight:  253 lbs
Ending Body Fat Percentage:  27%

Total Fat Loss:  11 lbs
Total Muscle Gain:  7lbs
Total Inches Lost:  4.25"

It's not the most astronomical achievement known to man . . . but dammit I think I did all right for just 3 weeks.  Better posture, tighter in quite a few areas, as well as better definition in some.  Can't wait to see where Body Beast brings me.  


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