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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fixing Your Food & Body Beast Day 3

First up I just want to do a little promoting of some fellow Minnesotans who threw together some pretty awesome workout tracks.  The "disc" is InspiMotiDgaf Vol. 1 by Larrañaga & Legless.

Half of the tracks are some pretty sick metal with spoken word style inspirational/motivational talk by Derek Weida.  The other half are the instrumental version sans the talking.  Or as Derek says in the Intro "It's a little Inspiration, a little Motivation and a little bit of not giving a fuck".

Larrañaga & Legless is made up of the Larrañaga Brothers and Derek Weida.  Go check it out on Google Play, Amazon & iTunes.  Or feel free to check your favorite site for music and see if it is available there as well.

So on to the post.  I had originally planned to discus how I approached the nutrition part of the Body Beast program from BeachBody, but I decided to take a step back and post something I had written up (with some edits of coarse) for some friends who are working on getting healthy as well.

I will also take this moment to stop and mention that I am NOT a BeachBody Coach.  I am posting about it because it is what I (and my wife) am using to get healthy.

Now back to the beginning, which was about three and a half weeks ago.  My wife and I purchased a program called 21 Day Fix from BeachBody to do together to jump start us getting back into shape.  We chose 21 Day fix because the workouts were only 30 minutes and it came with a simplified meal plan.  The meal plan contains portion containers and instructions on how to calculate how many calories that you should be consumer per day.  According to how many calories you should consume in a day, it then tells you how many of each container you should have per day.  The containers are separated into several categories.  Protein, Carbs, Veggies, Fruit, Healthy Fats, & Oils/Seeds.

All in all it makes it pretty simple.  Now, as I said before, I am not a BeachBody Coach.  I also know that many of us cannot always afford or justify the expense of purchasing a home workout DVD program (but seriously, if you can, do it!!), so I provide for you the following:

You can get the Portion Control Containers on Amazon.com for $24.80

Then there is this site that will show you how to calculate what your calorie range is.

 A little tip here, replace the calories burned (I think it is 400 in the example) with how many calories you will burn during your workout.  Also note that this calculation is for weight loss (hence the deficit).  It is very important to include the calories burned in your calculations.  This is one thing I failed to learn for a long time, and that is if you aren't eating enough calories, you will burn out and not have enough energy to get up, do your workouts and go through your day.  Your body is capable of some pretty amazing things . . . but only if you put fuel in the tank.

. . . and here is a little cheat sheet that will show you what foods fall into what calories: 

So that is where I started.  During the 21 Day Fix I did modify the workout schedule and on Monday Wednesday and Friday I lifted weights for 40 minutes (about 400 calories burned) for the first two weeks of the program.  Then finished the last week as it was.  Even though I missed the last two workouts due to being sick, I still managed to lose 14lbs of fat and gain 7lbs of muscle.  
Another little tip, if you can invest in a body weight scale that will calculate your body fat %.  It will help you get a better picture of your actual progress.  The scale only changed 6lbs during my 3 weeks, but as you can see above, the fat loss was much higher than you would have thought.  It is also a good check to see how you are doing and if you need to adjust anything.  Maybe you need less calories that you thought.  Or maybe you needed more.  Don't obsess about your weight, be smart about it.

Now in regards to Food and Body Beast . . . well that's another post.

Body Beast Day 3 Completed.  Build: Back & Bis!  Tomorrow is Beast Cardio & Abs!

*The portion control container system also comes with a few other BeachBody programs such as Piyo & The Masters Hammer & Chisel.


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