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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Food For The Beast & One of "Those Days"

Today I wanted to go over my approach to the nutrition portion of the Body Beast program.  First however I thought I would share what my Christmas Eve is shaping up to be.

Slowly it is becoming what I call "One of Those Days", and by that I mean one of those days that just doesn't go the way you want it to.  Schedules conflict, there are to many things you have to do, you need to workout AND you don't feel well.  

Today would be Day 4 of Body Beast for me.  On the schedule today is Beast Cardio and Beast Abs.  I have been dealing with a head cold/sinus thing for about 4-5 days now.  On top of it, rather than be responsible and go to bed at a decent time, I decided I didn't want to be an adult and stayed up late to watch a movie.  . . . On top of that, I am a contractor in Software Development and do not get paid holidays, so am working extra this week (including today) to get in my 40 hrs . . . and of coarse it is Christmas Eve.

Which we forgot to take out the turkey from the freezer to thaw . . . so now I have to find the time and store open to get a thawed turkey or heck even a chicken will do at this point.  

Luckily I have an awesome wife who is cleaning the house from top to bottom all while taking care of the twins (who are now 22 months old by the way).

But I still have to wrap gifts, work 9 hours, make dinner & find time to workout . . . when all I want to do is not work and spend Christmas Eve with the family.  Oh, did I mention I will be working Saturday as well . . . then repeating this whole thing next week . . . seriously, I just want a warm mug of bourbon & cider, my pajamas and to cuddle up on the couch with my family and watch every Christmas movie known to man.

Alright, on to the Food portion of the post.  So in Body Beast, the whole point of the program is to add muscle.  There are two workout plans you can follow.  Lean Beast and Huge Beast.  The Lean Beast has more cardio in the schedule and is meant to keep you lean and still gain some muscle.  Huge Beast has barely any cardio and is designed to just add a ton of muscle.  

Now there are also two food plans to choose.  Ripped and Mass.  Which are pretty much the same.  One is going to give you less calories to keep you leaner and build some muscle.  The other is a HUGE amount of calories to just pack on the muscle (and probably some fat).  Now you are eating healthy foods during this whole thing, so its not like you are eating chips, cookies and fast food.  And the program is designed in 3 phases with the last fast designed to demolish any fat that you did gain during the program.  

Some of the not so minor details that I am glossing over:  You have to recalculate your calories for each of the phases.  Phase 1 (Build) and Phase 2 (Bulk) use the same calculation.  Phase 3 (Beast) uses a different calculation that puts you at a lower caloric rate that the first two phases in order to build some lean muscle and blast away fat.  Phase 3 also has a much higher percentage of protein and lower percentage of starches/carbs/fruit.  

I chose to do the Lean Beast program with the Ripped Beast food plan.  Now the one big difference is that I didn't use my current weight for the calculations.  *GASP*  I actually decided to use my goal weight for the calculations.  Which ironically enough, still has me at a slight surplus.  The whole idea is to keep losing the fat and gain some muscle in the process.

Now before you decide to berate me and drop some of your knowledge/experience as to why I should do this, know that I've done this in the past.  Also know that I am going to be doing weekly checks on my progress to make sure what I am doing is working.  Also note that I gain muscle easily, Knowing your body type and how it responds to different workouts is important to know when considering what your goals are and how you will go about achieving them.

As for the actual details of how I went about this, I used my current Lean Body Mass (LBM) of 187 and added 10lbs (then rounded up), then calculated what my weight would be if my LBM was 200 and my body fat percentage was 17% .  And bing-bang-boom, we have 235lbs.  Which is what I used for the calculations.

If you are one of those "skeptics" that just has to say something, please do . . . then follow along as I continue . . . it's more of an experiment anyway.  Worst case scenario is that I have to adjust and increase my calories.  Best case scenario is that I lose fat and gain muscle and prove people wrong.

Either way, no hair of my butt.  I've been wrong before and I have no problem being wrong again.


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