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Monday, December 28, 2015

Not Really A Blog Post

Well I just don't have the time and energy to put into a fully fledged blog post today, so all you get is this right here. 

Completed the Day 8 workout, Build Legs, this morning.  Increased weights from last week and pushed myself a little harder.  It was a bit easier this time around, yet a bit harder all at the same time.  Still struggling with some of the core strength & balance during the single leg exercises.  Really have to slow down the pace and focus on my form.  I am a bit stronger and it is a bit less of a struggle to keep the core solid during the workouts . . . but still more to do.

Got a little bit of a bonus workout this weekend with shoveling the snow we got.  A good 45 minutes right there.  Going to be getting another 6-10 inches in the next day or two, so another "bonus workout" this week.

Back & Bis tomorrow, followed by Cardio & Abs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday & a rest day that falls on a Friday.  Gotta love that!

Should have a post or two up later this week on playing the numbers game and my results from the 21 Day Fix program. . . . so that's exciting!


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