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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Importance of Form, Your Core & Your Legs (Body Beast - Day 2)

*Shovels the several feet of dust off the old blog*

A new journey has begun.  My wife and I both started (and since finished) 21 Day Fix from BeachBody.  I am currently on Day 2 of Body Beast from BeachBody.  Below is from the "blog" portion of my TeamBeachBody.com page.  If you have a profile on TeamBeachBody.com, click here to add me as a Buddy.

If not, well feel free to follow along here!  These "blog" posts that I put on the TeamBeachBody site are a bit short and don't have a lot of content compared to what I used to put up.  I will work on that.  I mean . . . I have to catch you all up to where I am at in my fitness journey.

Day 2 of Body Beast is underway and the workout is completed.  Build Legs today . . . so much for wanting to walk anywhere for the next few days.

This workout was especially challenging for me as I have a low back injury (herniated disc).  While this injury hasn't given me major issues in a while, it has it's ways of rearing it's ugly head.  One of the biggest things I have neglected in the past year or so is my exercises and stretches to keep my core strong and balanced.

If you were to take a peek at my before & after photos from 21 Day Fix, you'll notice on the front facing pics that I lean slightly to one side.  This is my body's way of compensating for my lack of commitment to keeping my core strong.

In the Build: Legs workout there are a lot of one-legged exercises that require you to hold your core and keep your pelvis under you (lunges, reverse lunges, bulgarian squats . . .etc).  Due to this I did the workout without the video and focused on form (it also saved me from having to listen to Sagi & the Boys).  The best part is that I know that next time around I will be that much stronger.
Despite taking my time on form, I am pretty sure I still left about 5lbs of sweat on the floor at the gym.

Final note on Legs:  One of the first things I was taught by my Weights class teacher in high school is the your legs are your foundation.  Along with your core, it is the most important aspect of your body.  In order to be able to become strong, faster, bigger . . . you have to have a good foundation.  Never skip legs.

Tomorrow I'll talk a little bit about how I am approaching the meal plan and the alterations I did.


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