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Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's a Wrap! . . . for the Build Phase Anyway - Body Beast Day 25

I completed the final Build Shoulders workout this morning to close out the Build Phase of Body Beat.  Tomorrow is a rest day, then it's all Bulk for 6 weeks.

Today was the first day that I didn't break my previous weeks numbers (I keep track of everything and always look to lift more each time around).  However this was by design.  Starting with the 3rd round of Build, I really started to make sure I was focusing on form & tempo of the workouts.  I work out at the gym and don't follow the videos, so this takes a bit of extra effort and discipline on my part.  Since I began lifting weights in 9th grade, I was always focused on sports performance.  More speed, more power, more strength, more agility . . .etc.  I have never really focused on actually building size.  So while I had all the knowledge in my head about what hypertrophy (building mass) was and what it takes . . . that is entirely different than actually doing it.

Slow down, use perfect form, use those negatives (control the weight down), keep the rest periods short.

Usually someone would only go down in weight when they can't finish a rep on a single exercise.  In Body Beast, you have to worry about the next exercise too!!!  Don't be afraid to drop the weights so you can finish the workout without having to pause, stop or take extended breaks.  Keep pace with Sagi and the guys in the video.  Or if you are like me, pay attention to the rest periods in between and try to keep with it.


For those just tuning in;  I did a mish-mash schedule where I am doing the Build Phase from the Lean Beast Schedule, but have added 3 days to finish out the 4th cycle of the workouts.  The original schedule ended on Build Back & Bis, and went into Bulk.  Skipping the last Beast Cardio & Abs and Build Shoulders workouts.  I extended the phase to include these.

For the Bulk Phase, I am actually switching to the Huge Beach schedule.  So 6 weeks of Bulk workouts sans the cardio that would have been interjected in the Lean schedule.

Then, once I am done with that I will be switching back to the Lean Schedule and doing the Beast Phase from that.

There are several reason for this.  First, the decision to add the 3 missing days to the Build phase . . . well, no reason really.  I just like to complete a round of workouts.  Ending on Back & Bis felt like I was missing that one last Cardio & Abs as well as Shoulders.

Switching to the Bulk Phase from Huge Beast was because despite eating 3200 calories (I chose the Ripped Plan), I dropped about 3-4 lbs during the Build phase (official numbers tomorrow).  I have adjusted that a bit and have bumbed my calories up to the 3400 plan (half way between the Mass & Ripped diets).

Then of coarse the decision to go back to the Beast Phase from Lean is because it is made to shred even more fat than the Huge schedule.

I chose to do Body Beast knowing that I would have to have patience.  The whole point it to gain muscle mass.  This delays the weight loss until towards the end.  While losing fat and getting to about 16% body fat is my initial goal . . . I am more than happy taking a bit longer route to get there.  In doing so, I want to get the most out of it.

I see a lot of people fail or get discouraged with Body Beast (because they "get fatter" or "aren't losing weight" . . . well, you didn't really take a look at what this program is designed to do, did you?  Have patience.  Put in the work, follow the diet and you'll be amazed at what this plan can do for you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The "Slightly Belated" 2015 Recap

The year that is 2015 was an interesting year for me.  The twins went from "babies" to "toddlers", I changed jobs, our family moved to a place that better fit our family and Friends & Family got married.

It was also the first year that I have really seen significant progress in my journey to get healthy since beginning this blog.  At my heaviest this past year I was 273 . . . 273!!!  Well that is a new high for me I believe.  However I ended the year at 253 for a total loss of 20 pounds.  Nothing drastic or mind blowing, but it is the most weight I have lost since the start of all this (I began this blog at 265).

As I look back, there is a significant amount of things that got me this far.  The first of which is that I began walking on a regular basis.  I started by shooting to hit 10,000 steps each day.  Some days I do, some days I don't, but I get out and walk during some of my breaks at work, as well as to and from the bus each morning.  I believe I began doing this in January or February.

Earlier this year I also started to focus on eating even healthier on a regular basis.  Which started when I read an article over at The Art of Manliness on How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally.  In this article, the writer talks about how he was over-worked, under slept, stressed, not eating right, not exercising regularly and gaining weight around his mid-section as a result.
. . . sound familiar?  I started following the diet and started walking a little bit more (walking with correct posture and muscle firing, and at a faster pace) and in short order was losing weight.

The biggest problem?  Well neither of these stuck for very long . . . or I should say that I wasn't consistent with them.  I kept it up for a while, then would drop off due to life getting busy, and then jump back on after a month or two off.

The biggest change thus far is that in November my wife and I started a program together from BeachBody called 21 Day Fix.  Doing a program together was one of the biggest pushes we needed to get on track to really getting ourselves healthy again.

So What's Next - 2016?

We have since finished 21 Day Fix (see my results here) and I am now onto Body Beast, and the wife is starting another round of 21 Day Fix and will then be doing a round of The Master's Hammer & Chisel (the newest program from BeachBody).  Which is what I will start once I finish Body Beast.

Between now and August we plan to do 3-4 different programs to eventually get to our end goals.

What I have really like about the programs is that it comes with everything you need to succeed.  Tells you what & how much to eat, and the workouts are pretty intense.  Follow it and you will see results.  While my wife has become a BeachBody Coach, we are not "all about BeachBody".  We have other things we do and love that help keep us fit.  But for right now, BeachBody is what is helping us get there.  If you think you might want to do a BeachBody program, drop me a line and I will be happy to answer any questions (or point you in the right direction).  I mean . . . my wife is a BeachBody Coach . . . yeeeaaahhhh . . .


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